Dota 2 achievements in China and ACE influence

Dota 2 achievements in China and ACE influence

Chinese Dota 2 sector is one of the most significant ones in global eSports. Undoubtedly, players of the Celestial Empire have made much headway in other disciplines as well, but it is Dota 2 that became a sentinel one for the country. Currently, five of the top 10 e-sports athletes according to e-Sports Earnings on Dota 2 are from China; the situation with top 20 is the same.

In 2011, when managing organization Association of Chinese e-Sports (ACE) was created, its initial objective was regulation of Dota 2 e-sports athlete transfers, as well as operation of clubs, representing the discipline. The Association ensures abidance by rules on inviting players, writes out fines to teams and e-sports athletes when obligations are violated.

ACE is also responsible for other disciplines, casting itself as eSports athletes’ union of China. However, the main achievements of the organization, as well as criticism of its operation, are associated with Dota 2. It is ACE that is blamed for defeats of Chinese teams on the largest world championships in 2013 – 2014.

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