Konami Corp. representatives replied to Diego Maradona’s accusation

Konami Corp. representatives replied to Diego Maradona’s accusation

On March 30, Japan-based Konami Corporation, focusing on computer game development and production, was accused by legendary football player Diego Maradona for the violation of licensing rights. According to the athlete, developers did not have legitimate grounds to use his image and name in their football simulator called Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Diego has even stressed on his Facebook page that he is ready to go into litigation with the Japanese company.

Konami Corp. representatives from Tokyo headquarter has responded the following: they use the player image in quite a proper manner and entirely within the license. Note that they have used the image of Argentinian football legend in previous PES versions but without mentioning his name. It is still unclear how the story will end up, but consequences can be pretty serious for developers of the eSports football simulator.

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