LoL isn’t LoL or how Riot Games were planning to name a game

LoL isn’t LoL or how Riot Games were planning to name a game

While answering to the fans’ questions, Riot Games founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck made quite an interesting confession. When asked about the reason League of Legends got its name, they said that at some point they had been planning to give the game a completely different name.

One of the first variants included the name of Hero Wars laughed at by developers now. They also considered such a version as League of Legends: Clash of Fates but it didn’t fit quite well.

Onslaught was among possible names, too. It was supposed to become a symbol of those violent minions’ attacks appearing from both bases all the time. But it didn’t catch on since it was associated with massacres and heavy metal-like music.

Regarding a standard name that is usually shortened to simple LoL, it was ideal for the conception. The game features plenty of legendary characters with their own interesting traits and they are the ones who get all the attention.

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