Polish eSports players who earned the greatest amount of tournament prizes

Polish eSports players who earned the greatest amount of tournament prizes

Tournament prizes earned by professional eSports players have long become a subject of discussion far beyond the Sports community. Millions or even dozens of million dollars drawn in some tournaments bother ordinary people and businesspeople. Even if the first places in ratings of the richest eSports players are taken by Americans, and Chinese players overcount, Polish representatives also include successful eSports athletes.

Based on the recent data of e-Sports Earnings resource, we have made a rating of the most financially successful Polish eSports players. The list also provides total earned prizes and disciplines they have participated in. Please note that we have taken into account only public data on winnings at eSports competitions.

Top 10:

  1. Filip Kubski (neo) won $560 569; 75% of which were obtained at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournaments;

  2. Wiktor Wojtas (TaZ) earned $556 809; 75% of which were won at CS:GO tournaments as well;

  3. Jarosław Jarząbkowski (pasha) obtained $458 944; 90% of which at CS:GO;

  4. Paweł Bieliński (byali) – $409 072; 100% are CS:GO prizes;

  5. Janusz Pogorzelski (snax) – $405 412; 100% at CS:GO;

  6. Artur Bloch (Nerchio) – $260 938; 100% in StarCraft II discipline;

  7. Grzegorz Komincz (MaNa) – $166 030; 99% at StarCraft II;

  8. Mariusz Cybulski (Loord) – $134 752; 91% in Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) discipline;

  9. Jakub Gurczyński (kuben) – $128 601; 95% at CS 1.6;

  10. Michał Müller (MICHU) – $118 314; 100% at CS:GO.

According to this rating, Polish eSports players earned the biggest prizes in CS:GO tournaments. This discipline is included to the top 3 world’s popular and high-grossing ones. And five of ten above-mentioned eSports athletes are also in the top 10 successful CS:GO players across the globe.

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