Riot Games approach to popularization LoL as eSports discipline

Riot Games approach to popularization LoL as eSports discipline

Riot Games development company, designing League of Legends (LoL) game, has taken a serious approach to its popularization among world’s eSports disciplines. In terms of common tournaments’ prize pools (almost $37 million), LoL occupies the second place, standing down only Dota 2 game (almost $94 million). According to the amount of professional eSports players (around 4375 players), Riot Games development is also on the second place, following only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (almost 6635).

Previous Fall, the company also announced the intention to increase financing of its eSports players. Earlier, they paid out a minimum wage to members of major team squads, reserve players and coaches, as well as paid a small interest of in-game items sales. One has already decided to expand the range of digital goods and commission for clubs. Developers are also going to create a platform, allowing players to sell their attributes, and to provide assistance in seeking sponsors.

Riot Games has accepted quite a nonstandard video strategy for developers. Instead of creating new game projects, they have focused on the development of their main product, League of Legends, in all possible areas, including eSports. League of Legends Championship Series LLC has been established only to organize and hold eSports tournaments in this discipline. A selected strategy is bringing success. According to SuperData agency, in 2016, LoL brought developers approximately $150 million each month.

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