Unexpected outcome of PGL Major Krakow

Unexpected outcome of PGL Major Krakow

The greatest CS:GO tournament of the second half of 2017 came to an end yesterday in Krakow. Unfortunately, the Virtus.pro team, successfully passing previous contests, completed its participation at the semifinal stage.

Nevertheless, Polish eSports players managed to earn $70 thousand and the ‘Legend’ status. Players showed that they were able to compete worthily with champions.

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CIS-based Gambit Esports club became a winner and received the prize of half a million dollars. We would like to note that the final match against the Immortals team was watched by more than 1.86 million people on Twitch.

eSport, PGL Major Krakow, esport charts

Surprisingly enough, only one team (Astralis) of top 10 CS:GO representatives entered the PGL Major Krakow semifinal. The tournament outcome appeared to be quite unexpected for CS:GO fans.

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