G2A has been ranked among global top 5 in terms of prizes won in 2017 G2A has been ranked among global top 5 in terms of prizes won in 2017

Summing up the results of the expiring year, Esports Observer has presented the ratings of 10 eSports organizations that won the largest number of prizes as well as 10 disciplines which tournaments drew the biggest money.

Due to TI7, this year, Team Liquid won $10 m more than 2016. Their Dota 2 team gained almost $11 m. The Eastern European organization G2A with the Poles in its CS:GO team took the 4th place winning almost $2 m more than the previous one.

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Results of the disciplines also worth attention. Top three undisputed leaders remain the same (Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL) although the game Overwatch has notably boosted its position.

By the way, the $0.5 m increase of the prizes that would be notable for the discipline didn’t have a considerable effect on the year’s fund of Dota 2. The total result was +1,4%. In contrast, the last game H1Z1 ranked in the top list showed an impressive +580% growth with the total amount of prizes almost $1.4 m.

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