Polish first conference devoted to investments and integration of Polish business into the international market of eSports.

Warsaw eSports conference – eSPORTconf Poland 2017 – was held!   

On March 23, the eSports business conference, eSPORTconf Poland 2017, took place at the Adgar Plaza in Warsaw.   

The event organized by Smile-Expo, an international event company, became quite significant for Polish eSports community. It brought together both eSports experts and prominent representatives of game development, IT and betting sectors.      

eSPORTconf Poland 2017 united industry representatives from various countries worldwide: Poland, the USA, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Great Britain.     

The presentation of Teddy Florea, a director of business development at THQ Nordic (Nordic Game), was one of the most exciting and informative. He told in detail about the rules of creating successful marketing campaign for computer games and gave tips on seeking investors for startup projects. The speaker also discussed other significant aspects of game promotion on the market, for instance, how to establish active user community.     

Iurii Dokiichuk, a lawyer at Legal IT Group, revealed legal eSports aspects at the conference. Being an IT and IP expert, he raised the following issues:    

  • How to draw up contracts with players to make them train more?
  • Who has eSports player’s IP rights?  
  • Do players require Mom’s permission for authorization on events?
  • Can an eSports player leave their team just before the competition legally? 

Pavel Kovalenko, a founder of AnimaUnity eSports organization, spoke on the topic: eSports: from amateurs to pros. The presentation name entirely reflected the activity of the eSports talent agency, successfully operating in the industry for more than a year. The speaker shared his rich experience and revealed top 7 business opportunities in the eSports industry.             

Dias Ismailov, a founder of CybBet betting shop, revealed the eSports betting issue as completely as possible. He stressed the key sources of global eSports betting revenue, as well as told about bet types and the most popular disciplines.    

Marek Sikora, a project and event manager at eSuba, dedicated his presentation to opportunities of the Czech Republic eSports market. He also shared relevant statistical and analytical data with conference attendees.   

What is worth noting is the presentation of Dimitri Mikhalchuk (Teslasuit) and activity of Dmitriy Makarov ( who has managed to obtain such customers as the largest eSports organizations despite his calf years.  

However, a real sensation was made by Mario Valle (Altered Ventures): not only did he reveal the given topic on market prospect, but he also engaged the whole audience in his interactive presentation.  

Experts shared knowledge and experience within their presentations as well as gladly answered audience’s questions, establishing business acquaintances.  

We are sure that this success will be just a first step on the way towards eSports industry development in the country. 

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